Thursday, April 30, 2009

Job advertisements drop

Job advertisements across major job classified sites have seen a substantial drop. Many job sites only have a handful of jobs for several professions. The best thing to do in these cases for job seekers is to check them twice or three times a day for new job postings, and have your resume and cover letters ready. Another good idea is to make a list of potential companies you would like to work for and check their websites regularly. Job classifieds are only experiencing a decline momentarily as business sentiment is at low point in the current business cycle. The best is to keep committed to your job hunt and check the classifieds on a regular basis.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

job classifieds

Job classifieds are seeing a sharp drop in ads due to the economic downturn, but they are still a good source for job leads. Job ads have shrunk everywhere from newspaper classifieds to online classifieds.The most popular papers and online sites have few ads and many visitors making it hard to compete for a chance at getting the job advertised. The best type of classifieds in order to minimize the competition for a job is the smaller independent classified sites where companies can post vacancies without any costs. Smaller companies often use these sites and they sometimes receive less applications than the big advertisers, making it a worthwhile effort to scan these job classifieds or regular classified sites.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

recent clssified activity

There has been an increase in users to online classified websites within the last 6 months of the year. Could this be mainly due to the downturn in economic activity?
Are users turning those unused items items in the garage into cash by selling them online? If the classified ad market is telling us anything, is that there has been a surge in classified ads in the last few months, specially the free classified sites which are seeing a boom in demand from one off sellers and new sellers. This change in the use of classified ads also coincides with the move away from print classifieds we have seen in the last year.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Classified prices

There are many places to post classifieds, and not surprisingly all have different costs in placing a classified ad. Some classifieds are paid such as print classifieds in newspapers or specialty publications. The cheapest alternative is now the online classified providers. Most classified websites offer a wide range of different classified services, such as paid and free ads. In the past few years there has been more free classified websites come to the market and lower overall classified advertising costs. This is a win for consumers who are looking to sell items quickly and want exposure to different markets both geographically and demographically. Free classifieds are becoming much more popular and will continue to win market share in the market for classified ads.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


A classified is another form of advertising which does not require a large amount of money and is quite effective. There are different advertising media that can be used to put up classified ads. Some of these are; newspaper, radio, magazines or even just printed flyers/posters. Having a classified ad posted in these types of media is considered the best way to gain public interest in the goods or services offered through these classifieds. All of these media types are exposed to the public every time, although to different market segments.

The classified ad can range from a few words or sentences to brief paragraphs. The best way is to keep it as short as possible as long as the ad is able to convey the important message to the audience. In order for the classified to gain the attention of a correct targeted audience, the correct words, structure and placement have to be used.

Flyers or posters that include classified ads are also an effective media to relay messages to the public. Again, make sure that the posters are located in the correct place where the targeted audience is most likely to come across the advertisement. It is also important that the chosen location has a lot of traffic from the target audience to make the advertising effort worthwhile.

A free online classified Site: Classifieds