Sunday, April 5, 2009


A classified is another form of advertising which does not require a large amount of money and is quite effective. There are different advertising media that can be used to put up classified ads. Some of these are; newspaper, radio, magazines or even just printed flyers/posters. Having a classified ad posted in these types of media is considered the best way to gain public interest in the goods or services offered through these classifieds. All of these media types are exposed to the public every time, although to different market segments.

The classified ad can range from a few words or sentences to brief paragraphs. The best way is to keep it as short as possible as long as the ad is able to convey the important message to the audience. In order for the classified to gain the attention of a correct targeted audience, the correct words, structure and placement have to be used.

Flyers or posters that include classified ads are also an effective media to relay messages to the public. Again, make sure that the posters are located in the correct place where the targeted audience is most likely to come across the advertisement. It is also important that the chosen location has a lot of traffic from the target audience to make the advertising effort worthwhile.

A free online classified Site: Classifieds

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