Saturday, May 9, 2009

Analysis of a bad classified

I was scanning through a couple of free online classifieds today and happened to find the following ad in the general section of one of the sites:

Free pets to a caring home family

We are looking for a caring family to adopt a cat and a small Maltese-terrier dog. They are vaccinated and have been taken care of. They must live in separate areas of your house as they quarrel when together. They dog is going to doggie classes and has reached level 2. If you are interested please contact us on #### ####.

I did laugh when I read it I have to admit. What an ad, I hope the advertiser did get a response, even though I doubt anyone would be interested.
When one is selling or offering something, although honesty is the ethical approach, one should be careful in not discouraging potential buyers. The advertiser in this case wants to be honest and express what really the case is but he could have worded it a lot differently. The title of the ad isn’t the best either, it even sounds slightly funny. Maybe something along the lines of Pets seeking a caring home would have been a good alternative to the title. Another pitfall that people can fall into is included information that isn’t the most important or appropriate to grab a buyer’s attention. Although the advertiser’s mistakes seem logical now after reading the ad a few times, people still make these common mistakes when writing their ads.

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