Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Garage sales

After reading the local newspaper over the weekend, I noted a few garage sales in my residential area. One of these ads caught my attention due to the ingenious idea that the seller had utilised. He had posted an ad advertising his garage sale but had also put a website reference URL to a classified website where he had advertised most of his big ticket items such as a bar fridge, tumble dryer and queen size bed. This is a great idea as the seller can expose his higher priced items to more potential buyers and he can potentially attract more people to his garage sale. This also allows him to post pictures up on the web where anyone can first have a look at the items as well as a detailed explanation of each item, which is better than a brief sentence or line describing these items in a newspaper classified section. This was a great example of how to use both print and online classifieds together as an effective marketing tool.

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