Sunday, May 10, 2009

Auction sites vs Classifieds

Auction sites allow users to sell their items through an auction online. This provides some benefits and some pitfalls as the transaction of goods and money is partly done online in some cases and can lead to bad experiences of buying things from overseas sellers and not receiving the goods or receiving different or faulty goods. This is one of the trade-offs from being able to quickly buy or sell things online, versus advertising goods and services in a conventional manner on a classifieds website. The advantage of the classified site is that you can provide your preferred contact details and set a price at which your are willing to sell your item. There are many auction sites around some even specialize in a certain region, on some sites you can trade all over the world such as e-bay. Auction sites serve only as buying or selling mediums. Classified sites are more personal advertising mediums and spaces to place your ads to buy an sell goods and services. As I have mentioned in previous posts classifieds can be used as part of an effective marketing strategy, and not just to buy and sell things online.

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