Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Unused airfares advertised in classifieds

I was searching through an online classified site yesterday and noticed that there was an advertisement for a round trip flight from Sydney to Los Angeles. With regarding to “second hand” unused airfares, one must be very careful what is being offered. Most airlines don’t allow or have strict policies regarding name changes once the flight is purchased. And payed for and swapping the name on the ticket can be a costly task or not even possible in some cases. After seeing the classified ad I assumed the ticket was to fly with a major Australian carrier. So I proceeded to the carrier’s website where I scanned through all the conditions of each fare type. The conclusion of all the conditions was that name changes weren’t allowed on any fare not even first class. This is a good example of an ad that could potentially be fake or fraudulent. Before buying something online or inquiring about an item it is best to know exactly what you want, any legal limitations or risk in purchasing the item, and why the seller is selling the specific item. It’s always best to do some research in order to prevent being left short.
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