Friday, May 8, 2009

Selling University Textbooks

University textbooks are one of the most common advertised items on classified websites, specially the sites used by students. One of the major drawbacks with used textbooks is that they may become outdated very quickly. Every year it seems like you "need" to buy the new edition. This is just a way to generate more income for publishing houses. The bulk of the new editions only have a few new pages or one new chapter in them and different exercise problems (sometimes). This new edition frenzy also creates a bi backlog of unsold books which are related to one another, the only difference being their publish date.
For those students trying to sell their books after having used them and not wanting them this backlog creates a serious problem as first there is an extraordinary supply of the "same" textbooks on the market, and chances are that next year's class will use a newer edition. How can students advertising their books on second hand classifieds have a chance of selling their old books?
The answer lies in being able to harness the efficiency of online classifieds and other advertising mediums. One strategy could be to start selling your books just after you have completed your exam and advertising them in many places. Most students only advertise their second hand books on bulletin boards or only on A4 flyer posters pasted around the campus. Like any business the best results from marketing and advertising is by using a number of mediums to reach your target audience or buyers. Use the bulletin boards specially the ones near the lecture halls where the class is to be taught. Use online media as much as you can. Some of the best advertising results can be achieved by advertising on free classified websites. These websites can either be specialist textbook websites or general classified sites such as gopost, which is free to use and has a great university and general audience:gopost online classifieds. Use university related blogs and even social websites where you can interact with potential buyers. I have seen so many people try and sell their books without any success mainly because of how they have advertised them. Many didn't even know what classified websites were out there, and some suggested they wouldn't sell anyway!
The advice from my experience is that the more you advertise your books through different mediums, the more exposure you will get and the higher the chance of selling your books. Take advantage of free mediums such as online classifieds and social sites, remember hard work does have rewards and selling your old textbooks is no exception.

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