Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mobile Phone classifieds

On several web classified sites I noticed a large number of ads selling mobile phones. These ads are mainly from private sellers who have are trying to sell these handsets. A number of potential issues are important to keep in mind when looking at these ads and deciding to purchase one of these handsets from any classified or auction site. Firstly you must check that the handset can be used in your country and desired network. Some of these advertised phones are locked onto one network or have been bought overseas and sold in another country for a profit. The next major issue is if the mobile phone has been stolen, this may raise ethical and moral issues such as supporting crime. Stolen phones may also be traceable by police or communication industry authorities, and could lead to trouble for the buyer. It is highly important that before to deciding to purchase a mobile phone from any classified ad or auction site, that the origins of the phone be known as well as the reason for the sale of it. At times this may be difficult or sellers may lie and not properly communicate these things to potential buyers. Caution must be exercised when deciding to purchase a second hand mobile phone, as the buyer may face potential legal or moral issues after the purchase has been made.

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